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Hi, I am Christopher Fevrier and this is my personal website. First, a bit about myself. I am a Saint Lucian national currently residing in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am currently attending Saint Mary's University completing my Bachelor's Degree in Science with a major in Computer Science and Business Administration. It has been a very enjoyable journey thus far, definitely demanding but giving up is never an option.

I have developed this website as an online space to exhibit my professional and recreational skills as well as provide visitors and prospective employers with information regarding my resume and miscellaneous accomplishments. will never be a "completed" website because I will constantly be updating it with new content as I learn and grow professionally.

My Portfolio

This is my online Portfolio. I will try to keep this showcase of my work as complete and up to date as possible by adding new projects as I complete them.

Website Development

  • Code 6 Studios
  • Island Trade Lounge

Mobile App Development

  • BudgetME