It has been a week since I moved out of the apartment that I once shared with my now ex-girlfriend. I'm finally passed the moving stress and have set things up how i like them but - now what? I find myself with so much more time on my hands. Not that I have ever been one to waste time, but I do realize now how much time I had devoted to my partner and my relationship. So the fun part for me, naturally was figuring out how to use this time constructively. Besides a couple well thought out ideas which I will share in later posts, I've decided to start blogging - hence this post's title. I have never tried it before and while I do now quite know how to go about it besides sharing and writing about something that currently interests me, I am hoping to get better as I go. I think that blogging not only gives me the power to put some more relevant content on but also allows me to connect with potential reader and visitors on a more personal level.