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Me? A fitness model?


So today it hit me! Why don't I turn my physical fitness efforts into a fun and self-building quest? I already like keeping fit (despite the damage done over the recent Christmas holidays) and I have done so much research concerning proper dieting, working out and more. I may as well go ahead and make something of it. I think that it will keep me motivated and disciplined especially with Valentine's Day around the corner and I get to accelerate getting into shape for my summer trip to Saint Lucia. Definitely going for it!

My First Time


Good night and thanks for visiting! Yes I created this personal website to represent and share my ideas and professional (debateable) projects with the world. Sadly I have been contemplating the creation of this website for so long and I have only recently committed the time to banging it out. Took me a couple hours but I am sure it will be well worth it - especially with this blogging feature that I was more than excited to build. Anyway, let's get to it! So, who am I? My name is Christopher, a web and mobile app developer. I recently graduated with my Bachelor's Degree of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration from Saint Mary's University. I like to think of my skills as versatile as I have chosen to educate myself in many areas rather than limit my knowledge to a narrow or singular field (likely at the expense of expertise). I get along just fine though. Why I like coding goes deeper than just a love for solving problems. I like to think of myself as an architect. I recognize a problem and I can plan out a solution and build it into reality. I love that feeling of successfully completing an idea that formed from nothing to reality. It's a personal pleasure. I can apply this talent of mine not only to programming and development but also to business ideas, conflict resolution strategies and several other personal life experiences. Some random shit about myself - I love food (who doesn't), luxury automobiles, new adventures and of course my wonderful girl friend. I would say life does not get much sweeter but its only just beginning!

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